Healing with Harmony

Let’s Make Things Better

I’m Debbie and I’m a Pranic Healer with a difference. Rooted in the here and now my aim is to take my clients back to a time before trauma showed itself as physical symptoms and trapped emotions turned up as pain. What I do is gentle, safe and easy to fit into your busy life.

I’m often the person my clients turn to when they have tried everything else. Tired of discomfort and negative feelings, they want to try something new so that they can enjoy the good, healthy things in life that make everyone happy.

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I had a completely profound and tangible healing with Debbie on my knee. I was in pain, my knee was swollen and hurt to bend it, it clicked going up and downstairs and I basically thought I was in trouble…limited by continual deterioration at the age of 48! Immediately after my healing the swelling and pain went and I could walk easily. The crunching and grunging that I could feel as I straightened and bent my leg when I put my hand on my knee was gone; replaced by a clean quiet smooth action! It literally was a profound difference between before the healing and after it. I’ve never had such a defined and amazing healing in my life before. If you’re open to how energy works and the possibility of healing in this way, give it a go. You won’t be disappointed.

"The energy of the mind is the essence of life."


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Hi, I'm Debbie

Welcome to my website, I’m glad you’re here.

I’m based in the UK but I work with people around the world. From young to old my clients are from all backgrounds and I’ve been actively supporting people with their mental, physical and emotional health in this way for over 16 years

Underpinning my work is an honest desire to care for the well-being of others. Healing radiates from the individual, through their family, out into the community and into the world like ripples in a pond. In this way, all things are connected and honouring these connections brings balance to our lives.


Debbie has worked with both myself and my daughter and whilst I still do not understand how the treatment is carried out, it has been transformational. Our daughter was adopted and as a result carries a lot of emotional and behavioural issues and suffered a lot of trauma in her early years. This resulted in her having spells of extreme violence. After just 2 sessions with Debbie, the violence has gone and we are dealing with ‘normal’ age related behaviour rather than trauma behaviour. It has brought some peace to our home and helped the overall atmosphere and joy we live with.