A Little About Me...

Bringing together my qualifications in other forms of holistic healing and sports massage along with my experience in social and youth care, my approach is always practically-focused and client-centred. I’m qualified in Reiki, Crystal Healing, Kinesiology and counselling as well as sports therapy, giving me a rounded and grounded view of what my clients need help with.

I’ve been a lifeguard, a childminder and a home support worker in my time – and a foster mum for over ten years. The Crystal Healing course I enrolled on many years ago just because I was drawn to it, set me on a journey to where I am now.

Within two hours of starting my Pranic Healing studies in 2018, I knew I’d be signed up for life. My first client was my mum and having taken her from profound wrist pain to back out walking the dog and playing with her grandchildren again, I knew I needed to spread this gift as far as possible.

debbie lidgard pranic healer 1


My daughter fell whilst on a trampoline and was in lots of pain in her knee for weeks. A scan revealed there were no breaks, and we were told to rest – which would be fine, except she’s 7 and its not in her nature. I reached out to Debbie and she did a treatment, my daughter stood up after the treatment and said “Mummy my knee doesn’t hurt now”. It was honestly incredible and I would not have believed it had I not seen it with my own eyes!

""Spiritual energy - the energy that comes from pure consciousness - is the creative energy of the universe."


I’ve seen time and again the body’s power to heal itself – my role is to kick-start and facilitate this process. I believe in holding a secure space for my clients, and I care deeply about making sure they’re listened to, supported and in control every step of the way. I’m practical, down to earth and ready to help whenever I can.

All things are linked: our body and mind, our history and health, our trauma and pain. In a time-strapped world, so often there’s only opportunity to deal with the physical symptoms rather than the underlying emotional problems.

These pop up in different forms until we address the issues, give the body pause and then allow it to heal itself. This is my message and the starting point of everything I do.


Debbie has such an amazing way of explaining what I was inquiring about and making sure I understood clearly. She has a beautiful calming presence which made speaking to her an absolute delight. I have already recommended friends to look into her services.