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Do you want to find out more about how energy healing work can help you, both physically and mentally? Here I share my thoughts and insights into how emotions held within our bodies can disrupt the normal equilibrium of our physical beings, and how, by clearing these stuck energies, I can help you to live a more full-filled and enjoyable life. I love to help people, read on to find out how I could help you.

what is pranic healing

What is Pranic Healing?

So you’ve probably heard of holistic therapies, and might have even heard the terms reiki healing, energy healing, hypnotherapy, but you’re not actually sure what it all means, or how any of it really works. In this blog, I will help to demystify what Pranic Healing is and how it can help you to feel […]

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The Power of Being the Right Kind of Sceptic

What is Pranic healing? Is Pranic healing safe? If you’re a sceptic, here’s a secret: I was one as well once upon a time. Here’s what I’ve discovered about open-minded and close-minded scepticism and how they both keep us safe, allow us to grow and enable our healing.

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generations hereditary illnesses

Break the Cycle, Heal the Body

Is hereditary illness all about our genes or is there more to it? Is there a scientific link between stress and disease? What harm could unresolved emotion be doing to you and your children? We take a dive into the physical effects of emotion and how our natural safety systems can turn against us.

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ivy plant trauma ivana djudic unsplash scaled

When Ivy Takes Hold

How can hidden trauma and unhealed emotional wounds show up as physical symptoms? Like creeping ivy, they can slowly rise and choke our joy and growth but by using Pranic Healing to address the root cause, we can restore peace, comfort and light.

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dandelions dagmara dombrovska unsplash scaled

Dandelions: Dealing with Chronic Pain

What the dandelion can teach us about ways to ease chronic pain and feel healthy again. They pop up while we’re not looking, shine brightly like sunrise and the seeds can blow away and germinate anywhere.

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