What is Pranic Healing?

Pranic Healing is a powerful, complementary healing technique. Using energy to bring balance and clear emotional blockages, Pranic Healing opens up the way for your body to heal itself faster.

Whether you’re living with mild, acute or chronic physiological or psychological conditions, its restorative nature harnesses your own unseen but potent healing ability.

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We Are All Energy

From the way that our neurons work to the processes that fire the trillions of cells in our bodies, energy keeps us alive and functioning every moment of every day. Absorbing it from the sun, air and ground we walk on, it’s not visible but that doesn’t mean that it’s not performing a vital role in our lives.

Our natural state is one of harmony and health and when the energy of the universe is allowed to flow freely through us, that’s when we find balance, peace and wellness.


Debbie Lidgard is a fantastic Pranic Healer and she doesn’t even have to see you to make a huge difference to your health. She did some amazing healing for me and helped me back on my feet after a recent bereavement. She is kind and checks up on you before and after your treatment. It is such a powerful modality of healing to keep you well. I highly recommend Debbie and her healing and I am going back for more because the feel good factor is amazing and lasts long after the healing has stopped. I feel in a much better place now thanks to Debbie and her magical healing. If you don’t understand it give it a go because the benefits speak for themselves.

Unprocessed difficult emotions, such as frustration, fear, anger, guilt, grief and anxiety, can all lead to dis-ease within the body. You’re thrown all out of balance, which may result in emotional and physical pain, medical conditions or a feeling of complete and utter overwhelm.

The same issues can come back time and time again until you resolve and let go of the underlying issues. Rooted in things like trauma, the loss of a loved one, an accident or even something that seems insignificant from your childhood, the blockages can stop you in your tracks and prevent you from thriving.

This is where Pranic Healing, and myself, comes in. I clear these stuck emotions that are held within your body, allowing it to heal and energy to flow freely once again.

"You are your own limitation. If you think it cannot be done, it cannot be done. If you think it can be done, it can be done."

– Master Choa Kok Sui

Developed by the scientist, teacher, businessman and healer Master Choa Kok Sui, the method is rooted in respect for the body’s natural ability to heal and thrive. Over 30 years, the Master carefully experimented with and developed protocols, informed by his in-depth analysis and research. This is why it’s grounded enough to work alongside western medicine, yet powerful enough to radiate out and alleviate suffering wherever it touches.

If you’d like to try a natural method of healing, then yes, it’s perfect for you – particularly if you’ve tried everything else and you’re at the end of your tether (many of the clients I’ve successfully treated have been in this position).


About six weeks ago I got a little curious about the treatment Debbie offered. I had no idea how it worked, or if it would. But Debbie works with you to get the root cause of what is underlying, and after just a few treatments I can wholeheartedly say I still don’t know how it works, but that it really does! Originally I started the treatments to aid my fibromyalgia, which has been great, and I now use her treatments regularly to give my body rest every week and keep myself from developing further issues! I highly recommend Debbie’s service. She is professional and caring from start to finish! I am so pleased I found her.